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Christian Books Canada is the bookstore for Scripture Union Canada.

Scripture Union Canada: Connecting Canadians with Jesus and His Story

Founded in 1867, Scripture Union Canada has a profound mission to connect Canadians with Jesus and His story. With a primary focus on Jesus and His Word, Scripture Union Canada is dedicated to helping Canadians read, reflect and respond to God's Word as individuals, in small groups, as churches and as families. 

A Rich History of Spiritual Engagement.
For over a century, Scripture Union Canada has played a pivotal role in the lives of countless individuals across the nation. Rooted in a deep commitment to sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Mission and Purpose:
At the heart of Scripture Union Canada lies a clear and unwavering purpose: connecting Canadians with Jesus and His story. This noble mission is driven by a desire to foster spiritual growth, encourage a deeper understanding of scripture, and create a sense of community among believers.

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