Bible Storybags
Bible Storybags

Bible Storybags

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Reflective storytelling for young children.

Are you looking for a creative way to tell Bible stories to young children? Use this resource to fill your bag with the needed props and follow the script as you unpack your bag while telling the story. Bible Storybags® provides 32 storytelling scripts that enable children's ministry workers to creatively tell a Bible story - blending tested storytelling methods such as story sacks® and Godly play. 

Bible Storybags® draws on insights from areas including thinking skills, cognitive learning, Christian spirituality, the creative arts, spiritual development and faith development.

The stories cover:

The Life of Jesus: choosing the first disciples and the storm on the lake

Parables:  the good Samaritan, the mustard seed, the treasure in the field, the lost sheep and the prodigal son

People:  Martha and Mary, the blind man, the man with leprosy and Zacchaeus

Key Events:  Jesus' birth, baptism, temptations, crucifixion and resurrection

Clear instructions are included for making the bags and figures, and for using the scripts. 

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