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Camper Playbook a Bible Reading Guide for Campers

Discipling Campers

Day Camps

Is your church running a summer camp? Whether it's a VBS (Vacation Bible School), Sports Camp, Day Camp or whatever you call it - you probably are going to have children from your church and community come and learn more about Jesus during camp. Hopefully, during the week of camp children will make faith decisions or grow in faith and your church will invite them to come back on Sundays or to your midweek groups. 


Overnight Camps

If you run an overnight camp, you may be looking for a resource to help campers read the Bible during cabin time. We've heard the stories of campers who still read the Bible regularly thanks to building that habit with the help of their camp leaders while at an overnight camp. 

These Camper Playbooks are perfect for use at camp and then continued on after camp - an excellent camp follow up resource. 


Camp Follow Up

Camp follow up is important.

While at camp, campers make faith decisions or take important steps forward in their journey of faith. Once they go home it's easy for them to forget what happened at camp. Unless they are a part of a local church, many might not even continue to learn about Jesus. 


The Camper Playbook was designed to help campers read the Bible and learn more about Jesus. 



Learn About Jesus 

Each Camper Playbook contains 20 Bible readings from one Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of these uses the Scripture Union Bible Reading Method of: pray, read, reflect, respond, pray. 

Reflections are written for 8-12 year olds especially (but younger children use them regularly too!). 

Pages contain full-colour illustrations, prayers, fun facts and interactive elements. 


Read the Bible

Providing children with a Bible reading guide that is easy to use, helps them learn to read the Bible daily. There's something extra special about a souvineer from camp - especially when a special leader has given it to the child and encouraged them to use it at home. 

One mom shared that her child came home from camp very excited that their favourite leader gave them the Camper Playbook and matching New Testament. That child used the Bible guide regularly and learned new things about Jesus and how to use the Bible each day. 

It's a little gift that has a big impact. 


Order copies for your campers today!

The Camper Playbook is an interactive discipleship resource for 8-12-year-olds that establishes and encourages Bible reading and reflection.

Each book is based on 20 readings from one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and modelled on the renowned Scripture Union Bible Reading Method.

Sold in packs of 10 (just $2.95 for a Bible Guide plus a free New Testament)



Team Talk

Discover our FREE Gospel resource that equips your volunteers to share the Good News of Jesus with children using sports metaphors. It includes printables with illustrations and talking points, discussion questions, Bible readings and more. Plus tips to help guide your volunteers through what to do when a child is ready to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour (or "Join Jesus' Team"), what to do when a child wants to make a recommitment to Christ and what to do when a child isn't ready. There is also a rich resource for next steps - how does a child be a part of Jesus' Team. 

Download this free digital resource today.



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