Light Sunday School Resource for Churches in Canada

Light Sunday School Resource

Light Sunday School Curriculum

Are you looking for a Sunday School resource for your church? Are you looking for age-specific lessons that are Bible-based? Do you need something affordable that you can photocopy for Sunday School or a Mid-Week Bible club? Do you want to support faith at home with a take-home element from your Sunday (or mid-week) Bible lesson with children? Do you want to save on shipping by ordering within Canada?

The Light curriculum nurtures a personal connection with Jesus, understanding the Bible and Christian beliefs, and living a life illuminated by God's teachings.

Scripture Union offers a full year of lessons for each age group in one book.

  • Bubbles(age 5 and under)
  • Splash(ages 5-8)
  • XStream(ages 8-11)
  • theGrid(ages 11-14)
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Each book includes 52 lessons, including holiday-themed lessons.

Each lesson includes a variety of creative ways to help children engage with the Bible – from songs, games, crafts, and activities to Bible study and activity pages. It is a flexible tool that will work if you have a short (or long) period for the lesson.

How It Works

There are three main sections – each has 2-3 options that you can use (including a "ready to use" option that requires no prep).


Start your lesson with a minds-on activity that will help participants start to make connections between life and the story. These activities spark curiosity, questions, and memories and are more valuable when digging into the Bible. The starting section has multiple options – pick one or do them all! It is a flexible tool for Sunday School teachers.

Into the Bible

This section has your group digging into the Word. There are different options to choose from depending on the teacher's preference. Our curriculum encourages teachers to read from the Bible and encourages participants to reflect on the passage with thoughtful questions, activities, and prayer.  

Living the life – Application

There are a few options teachers can choose to close the session (choose one or all!) These focus on helping bridge the Bible passage to the life of children. Participants love the engaging activity sheets that include age-specific activities (colouring for younger children, quizzes, and games for older children.)  

Activity Sheets

Each lesson has activity sheets that can be photocopied, used during the session, and sent home to encourage parents to continue the conversation. Faith at home is essential; this is a simple way your church can equip parents to be the disciple-makers God has called them to be.




Light aims to help individuals of all ages discover who God is, what His character entails, His actions, and how they can actively participate in His plans. The Bible serves as the cornerstone of every session across all age groups within the Light resources, as it illuminates the pathway to salvation, with a central focus on Jesus.


Acknowledging the capacity of children and young people to comprehend and respond to God, Light maintains realistic expectations while celebrating every progression made in their spiritual journey. Embracing the Bible's teachings shapes our perspectives on human nature, relationships, and ministry practices with children and youth.


Light employs engaging methods to facilitate encounters with God through the Bible, encouraging exploration, creativity, and enjoyment. We invite you to explore this resource and trust that it will enrich your Sunday School curriculum or children's ministry lessons, fostering spiritual growth in your community. Check out our Church Resources Canada for Bible study materials tailored for kids.


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