Family Quest

Family Quest helps your family grow in faith together

Make memories, have fun and grow in faith together.

The Canadian Children’s Ministry Report 2021 identified that Christian parents struggle to disciple their children at home – one church leader wrote, “even good Christian homes struggled to build spiritual formation into the daily rhythms of life.”

Parents need to be the driving force in the faith formation of their children.

Faith formation is a 24/7 process of being formed, transformed and conformed to be like Jesus. It can’t just happen on a Sunday morning. God’s intent is for parents to be the primary disciple-makers of children and for the gathered church to play a supportive role. 

Churches, it is time for us to equip parents in their essential role as disciple-makers.

Parents, it is time for us to realize our essential role in discipling our children.  

Family Quest Deck of Cards


Designed by parents for parents

Bible reading and reflection is the best spiritual discipline for growth. Our team of experienced kids min leaders, a grandpa, two dads and a mom, designed Family Quest to help families read, reflect, remember and respond to the Bible – together! It’s more than reading Bible stories and doesn’t rely on parents sharing what they know – it’s connecting with Jesus and His Story - together!


Family Quest was designed to help families grow in faith.

Growing in faith can be fun! Family Quest creates opportunities to read the Bible, have meaningful conversations, play experiential games, memorize the Word and pray together.



Family devotions can be fun!

Family Quest helps families explore the most incredible story ever.

  • Discover the themes of the Bible. Every five days, families will discover a new theme in the Bible.
  • See the Bible as one big Story. From creation to new creation, families will see that the Bible is many stories that come together to tell the Good News about Jesus.
  • Engage With the Bible. Bible reading is only half of it – we must connect with the Story. Each card includes different ways to do it, memorize it, sing it, act it, draw it, or ask it.
  • Make memories. Whether you’re having a contest to draw the most stars, re-telling the story of David and Goliath, considering a big question, or making a rap for the day’s memory verse – your family will be laughing, learning and making memories.





How does it work?

  • Pick a card – each card includes a Bible passage to read, six different activities, a prayer and a memory verse.
  • Read the passage – open a Bible (we recommend child-friendly versions like the NIrV) and read the passage.
  • Roll the Die – this selects which of the six activities your family will do together. Complete one or all of them! Your choice.
  • Complete the Activity – this helps you connect with the passage.
  • Pray – Use the prayer guideline at the bottom of the card.
  • Track your progress – children are visual, so we’ve created a map to help track your journey through the Bible and keep your family accountable. 

Family Quest is more than Bible reading. It’s Bible engagement for the whole family! Learn new ways to connect with the Word, make family devotions fun, and grow in faith together.

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