Christmas Comic - Guardians of Ancora

Christmas Bible Comic

Are you are looking for a brightly illustrated, engaging Christmas storybook as a gift for someone - then keep reading!

Story is the fundamental instrument of children’s thoughts. They dwell in stories all the time, inside their own heads. It’s what helps them know who they are and why they’re here – their building-blocks for life and living.

By God’s design, most of the Bible is narrative in character – making it a spiritual playground for children. As the Story of stories, the Bible invites children to enter in and enjoy it. As children enter in, they soon realize that the Story wants them to meet the Storyteller!

Our new Christmas Comic with stunning visuals helps children read through the story of Christ's birth. 

It is framed in the Guardians of Ancora setting - our FREE app/game that helps children enter into the Story of Jesus. They run, jump and complete challenges while interacting with animated biblical characters. (Download the app free in your app store.)

The comic finishes with an answer to a common question "Why did God send his son Jesus Christ as a baby into this world?" and shares a clear Gospel presentation and opportunity for response. 

This Christmas comic would be a great gift for

  • children in your church
  • children in your neighbourhood
  • hand out with your food bank/toy drive gifts
  • gift for grandchildren
  • stocking stuffer


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