Jesus and Emotions - A Creative Journal for Families

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Jesus and Emotions a creative journal for families on emotional intelligence


Have you ever watched helplessly as your child struggled with another angry outburst?

Is calming down challenging, or is your child triggered quickly?

Maybe your family is going through a tough time and struggling with sadness, anger, or fear.

Emotional intelligence is not something children" just learn" as they grow up. We must intentionally have conversations to help children (and, let's be honest, adults!) identify emotions, their purpose, and how we respond to them.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is an essential skill that is often overlooked when it comes to teaching children. It is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence positively impacts children's academic performance, social skills, and overall well-being.


what are our emotions? what is their purpose

How do we teach emotional intelligence?

We can promote emotional intelligence in children through parent-child interactions. Parents can model emotional intelligence by expressing their emotions healthily and by teaching their children to do the same. For example, parents can help their children identify and label their emotions and then teach them appropriate ways to express those feelings.


What does Jesus have to do with emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is also something we can learn from Jesus. It's easy to compartmentalize different areas of our life - keeping Jesus and our faith confined in the "faith" box. However, Jesus wants to be a part of our whole lives - not just the Sunday mornings or times of prayer.

The "Jesus and Emotions" journal was designed "to help families learn from Jesus, together with him, about emotions and to explore how to live a more honest and healthy life, enjoying the peace he promises us."



Introducing "Jesus and Emotions," a creative journal for families.

God has given us emotions - they serve a purpose. This journal goes through different emotions, helping children understand that Jesus also experienced the same emotions we experience.



"Praying your Emotions"

Like anger said on the previous page, emotions can be a little attention-seeking at times: we need to notice them and call them by their names. It's helpful to notice our emotions together with our friends and families...We can also talk to God about our emotions - he wants us to chat about how we feel. Talking to him about these things is part of what we often call 'praying.'

The Psalms, the book of prayers and songs in the middle of the Bible, is stuffed full of emotions! We'll be using these to reflect and pray later on."





Dig deeper into different emotions, explore times when Jesus experienced the emotions, and what we can learn from Him. Different emotions are explored to help families understand what it feels like, its purpose, and how we can respond to it - packed with Scripture, activities to help, conversation starters, and prayer prompts.


understanding the emotion of joy


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Jesus and Emotions: a creative journal for families will help your family explore your emotions in the company of Jesus. It uses stories, activities, and insights into why we feel how we do and how to stay emotionally healthy.


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