Introducing Truth Cards

Truth Cards - Biblical affirmations for kids


Lie: I always mess things up

Truth: Mistakes help us grow and learn, Proverbs 24:16.

Introducing "Truth Cards" - a simple and effective tool to help children memorize Bible verses affirming their value and identity in Christ. As parents and caregivers, we all desire our children to know and understand their worth in God's eyes. With Truth Cards, children can internalize and recall the truths of God's word that will guide them through life's ups and downs.

What are Truth Cards, you ask? They are just what they sound like - index cards with Bible verses written on them. One side has a lie that children often believe about them - that they are not important, no one cares, or they fail too much. Under the lie is a Bible verse that contains the truth, and on the back side is an affirmation based on the truth.

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Truth cards for kids

Truth Cards are portable and can be used anywhere. Whether on a road trip or waiting in line at the grocery store, children can pull out their Truth Cards and practice memorizing scripture. Put a truth card inside your child's lunch box so that when they open it up, they'll remember they are made with purpose or deeply loved by God.

Not only do Truth Cards help children memorize scripture, but they also serve as a reminder of their worth and identity in Christ. As they hide these essential verses from God's Word in their heart, it shapes what they believe and how they see themselves and others.

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Truth Cards - Biblical affirmation cards


Incorporating Truth Cards into your family's routine can be a simple yet powerful way to instill God's truth in your children's hearts. Whether reciting verses together before bedtime, on the way to hockey practice, or reviewing them during car rides, Truth Cards can help your children grow in their faith and understanding of their worth in Christ.


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Truth Cards



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