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Last week a family stopped by the Scripture Union office to say hi and grab some more Bible storybooks for their daughters.

I (Amy) got to visit with their 3-year-old and we flipped through some of the books for children from the SU bookstore. Every time we turned the page she would quietly tell me what was happening. She pointed out the holes in Jesus' hands in one picture and explained "that's because they nailed him to the cross."

This 3-year-old knows the story of Easter because her parents take time to share it with her - and they use our books to do this.

Help parents in your church teach their children the Easter story by providing them with these affordable, interactive books for children. Here are some of our suggestions:


Countdown to Easter

Written by Dr. Lawson Murray, a grandfather who loves the Bible and storytelling, these books were designed to help children engage with the Bible at a level perfect for children aged 4-8. 


$15.95 for a pack of 5 

Family Easter Time

This Easter mini-book encourages families to talk together, be creative, be hospitable, be Christ-centred and celebratory.

With 31 full-colour pages filled with stories and activities, families will love discovering the Easter story together. 


$17.95 for a pack of 5

Family Fun for Easter

Family Fun for Easter will help you share the meaning of Lent and Easter with your children in thirty family moments. It also helps you explore faith in the home and have lots of fun together in the process! 

In Family Fun for Easter, you'll find treasure hunts, word searches, games, food ideas, and crafts. 

$12.95 each


"Churches need to train parents to be teachers and pastors in their homes." Dr. Lawson Murray, Cultivating Family Faith

5 Tips for sharing the Easter Bible Story with your family. 

Family Easter Bible Readings

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